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In April 2018, Correos sent a letter in Spanish to all buzon owners stating that as of 3rd Sep 2018 they were going to stop delivering mail to numbered buzones and will instead ONLY deliver to buzones labelled with addresses.
Since April 2018, we have been in discussion with Correos to help facilitate this change for all buzon owners. With the Postmaster’s agreement the 3rd Sep deadline was removed and on Friday 29th March 2019 the relocation work was completed.
The Correos directive means that the buzones have been rearranged alphabetically by street name and house number. Following the changeover, everyone has a different buzon and some will even have moved buzon location.
All locks have been changed so please do not use your old key. You need to use the new one.

WE STILL HAVE SOME OF THE NEW KEYS …. If you have not collected yours please contact Tom Hay at to arrange collection.

A charge of 15 Euros, to cover the cost of providing and fitting new locks and other work undertaken will be payable in CASH upon collection of your new key.
Please do not pay by bank transfer..

If you need translation assistance here are the contact details for Spanish, German and French speakers who should be able to assist.

SPANISH – Yvonne ……….

GERMAN – Barbara ……….

FRENCH – Gillian …………


November 2020