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Rubbish and Buzones Maintenance

Updated 04.06.23 Refuse update and recycling 

On Thursday, May 25th 2023, Tetma (our local rubbish contractor), along with Doris Courcelles, met with local residents to talk about the three Punt Verdes (Green Points) located along Ctra de Jesus Pobre.Tetma emphasized that, currently, no special card is required to access the Punt Verd near the Javea hostel. Instead, the entrance gate can be opened using the installed push buttons both inside and outside the gate. It is important to note that after pressing the button, one should wait approximately 5 seconds before opening the gate.

Regarding the other two Punt Verdes along Ctra de Jesus Pobre (near The Montgo Restaurant and Ermita Market), it has been decided, for practical reasons, not to install a fence. However, all three Punt Verdes are equipped with video security cameras.

Once again, the Tetma representative emphasized the importance of correctly using the designated coloured recycling bins. We will endeavor to update our website shortly with information regarding how and what can be recycled. You can also follow Tetma‘s Facebook page for more updates.

The repair etc of mailboxes is the responsibility of the owner NOT the APMJ.

From the 1st Jan 2022 for repairs please contact:


They are familiar with the buzones and can replace or repair broken doors and faulty locks.

Have a Buzones question?

Please contact Tom  –  or call  (0034)681659314