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September 1
Important medical information:
August 15
August 4


In the event that you are planning to have get-togethers in private areas (houses) in the coming weeks,  we would like to remind you that you must not only respect the Jávea Town Hall Civil Socialising Regulation but also the Law Decree 11/2020 of the Consellería indicating health measures to prevent Covid-19.

The most important points to remember are as follows:

Before the event, you must regisgter a declaration of responsibility for leisure activities (form available from the Town Hall’s website: in the section ‘Trámites’ (look at ‘medio ambiente’ .. environment .. and ‘actividades’ .. activities) in which you will give information as to the characteristics of the event to be held and giving details as to the persons responsible for the party and promising to respect timetables and not to be a nuisance to neighbours.

Avoid any activities that could be considered a fire risk (barbeques in areas close to wooded areas, use of fireworks, etc).

Avoid get-togethers, parties, either private or public, with large numbers of people that would impede or make it difficult to adopt the preventative health measures or where minors are present and/or elderly persons over 65 years of age.

Besides the above, we would remind you that it is THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNERS of tourist (rental) properties to do all that is possible to stop tenants or property occupants being a nuisance to their neighbours, warning them as to the obligation to respect the rules of sociability.

July 19


From Saturday 18th July, facemask use is mandatory in Valencian Community. 
In response to some 20 outbreaks of COVID-19 in the region, Health Minister Ana Barceló has just announced that from today it will be MANDATORY to wear face masks at all times on public roads, in open and closed public spaces and areas open to the public, even if social distancing can be maintained.

The exceptions are:
◾️ on the beach or swimming pool;
◾️ in bars and restaurants whilst consuming food and drink, otherwise masks must be worn;
◾️ in natural open spaces;
◾️ if the person has respiratory problems;
◾️ during physical activity.
Barceló has also recommended that face masks should also be worn in private spaces, open or closed, if there is a lack of trust between people who don’t live together and social distancing cannot be maintained.
The latest outbreaks have resulted mainly from family gatherings and nightlife spots which has resulted in Gandía closing pubs and clubs in the municipality after an outbreak was detected.

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has announced the territories that are advancing in phase on Monday, June 15th.

Among these communities, the entire Valencian Community, that is, the three provinces, Alicante, Valencia and Castellón all pass to phase 3.

This announcement confirms the fulfillment of the epidemiological criteria of the Community as previously indicated by the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló. Likewise, with the advance to Phase 3, specific measures re-enter into force, which this time pose fewer limitations on mobility, social gatherings and outings.

Specifically, as of Monday, in the Valencian Community, the Consell will allow mobility between the three provinces, a restricted issue since the state of alarm was decreed.

As for being able to move to neighbouring regions (Murcia or the Balearic Islands), as announced by the President, we will have to wait until June 21 for the state of alarm to end.


Phase Three

The BOE has published the easing measures in phase 3.

  • No time slot will be reserved for any group
  • Retail establishments, commercial premises and professional service activities may be opened.
  • Outdoor terraces can open to 75% of their capacity.

May 30, 2020 .- The Official State Gazette (BOE) today publishes the Ministerial Order that includes the application measures in phase 3 of the Plan for the transition to a new normality . In it it is stated that retail establishments and commercial premises and professional service activities may be opened regardless of their surface area for exhibition and sale, as long as their capacity is limited to 50%. In addition, it is indicated that a service schedule will be established with priority service for those over 65 years of age.

The same Order specifies that the public and recreational areas of shopping centres and parks are also allowed to open to the public at this stage, although their capacity is limited to 40%. In addition, the capacity of the premises and commercial establishments located in them is set at 50%.

In the case of street markets, the limitation to half of the usual or authorised stalls will be guaranteed. The individual municipalities may in this case increase the area enabled or establish new days for the exercise of this activity.

In the hospitality sector, outdoor terraces can open to 75% of their capacity and bar consumption is allowed provided the safety distance is guaranteed. In hotels and tourist accommodation, public areas are allowed to open to the public as long as they do not exceed 50% of their capacity. As regards tourist activities, the conditions for practicing active and nature tourism activities are relaxed with groups of up to 30 people.

Cultural activities

In the field of culture, it highlights the possibility of carrying out cultural activities in libraries and museums as long as they do not exceed 50% of the authorised capacity. And, in terms of sports, medium-term training in federated non-professional leagues is allowed, as well as the holding of shows and sports activities.

Cinemas, theatres, auditoriums, tent circuses and similar show spaces may carry out their activity as long as they have pre-assigned seats and do not exceed half the authorised capacity in each venue.

Tourist recreation centres, zoos and aquariums may be opened with a maximum capacity of 50%. And, the reopening of casinos, establishments for collective money and games of chance, gambling halls, arcades, raffles and tombolas and specific betting venues is also allowed, provided that they do not exceed 50% of the permitted capacity and comply with the hygiene and prevention measures provided for in the Order.

Another of the Order’s chapters indicates the conditions for carrying out leisure activities aimed at children and young people. When these are held outdoors, the number of participants should be limited to 50% of the usual maximum capacity, with a maximum of 200 participants, including monitors. When they take place in closed spaces, the number of participants should be limited to one third of the usual maximum capacity with a maximum of 80 participants.

Social measures

In this phase it will be possible to circulate through the province, island or territorial unit of reference and no time slot will be reserved for any group, although safety and hygiene measures must be taken with groups considered vulnerable to COVID-19. However, the groups should be a maximum of 20 people, except in the case of people living together.

Wakes and funerals may be held in all kinds of facilities, public or private, with a maximum limit of 50 people in open spaces or 25 in closed spaces, whether or not they live together. Participation in the entourage for the burial or farewell for cremation of the deceased person is restricted to a maximum of 50 people, including relatives and close friends.

Wedding ceremonies may be carried out either in open or closed spaces, provided that they do not exceed 75% of their capacity, and in any case a maximum of 150 people in open spaces or 75 in closed spaces.

Information via and the Spanish Health Authority press released on 30th May.

May 25

The BOE has published the order that establishes new flexibility measures for the territorial areas in Phase 2 and moderations to Phase 1.

Changes to Phase 1 are at the end of this article

  • It contemplates the opening of all commercial establishments and cultural spaces with a capacity limit
  • The professional sports league is resumed without an audience, but with media braodcasting assistance.
  • The use of recreational pools and beaches is allowed while maintaining security measures
  • The new ministerial order also includes easing measures for phase 0 and phase 1

May 17th, 2020 .– The Official State Gazette (BOE) has published the flexible order for the territorial units that go to Phase 2 .These are measures related to the social sphere, retail and service provision, hospitality and restaurant activities, science and innovation, cultural venues and establishments, sports, recreational pools and active and nature tourism, among others. scopes. This Order of the Ministry of Health will enter into force tomorrow, Monday, May 18.

Social measures

It will be possible to move around the province, island or territorial unit of reference in groups of maximum 15 people , among whom the cohabiting people are not counted, always maintaining social distance or protection measures.

People up to 70 years of age will be able to carry out non-professional physical activity in any time slot except for the one between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm and between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm, which is reserved to those over 70 years old.

The autonomous communities and autonomous cities may agree that within their territorial scope these time slots start up to two hours before and end up to two hours later, as long as their total duration is not increased.

A funeral or wake may be held in all kinds of facilities, public or private, with a maximum limit of 25 people in open spaces or fifteen people in closed spaces, whether or not they live together. The burials and cremations are restricted to a maximum of 25 people, including relatives and friends .

The maximum capacity of places of worship goes from a third to 50% .

The wedding ceremonies and other religious celebrations may take place in all types of facilities with a capacity of 50% and without exceeding the hundred spaces to the outdoors or indoors fifty people.

Recreational pools and beaches

The recreational pools can be opened to the public by appointment, a maximum capacity of 30% or the one that allows compliance with the safety distance. Shift schedules will also be organized.

Cleaning should be carried out at least three times a day and showers in the changing rooms and water sources cannot be used.

On the beaches , bathers must use responsibly, complying with the recommendations and standards established by the health authorities. The practice of sports, professional or recreational activities is allowed, provided they can be carried out individually and without physical contact.


Establishments and premises of retail and professional activities may reopen to the public regardless of their usable area of exhibition and sale, provided it is reduced to 40% of the capacity and to ensure a minimum distance two metres between clients.

In premises where it is not possible to maintain this distance……..

Only one customer at a time and there should be a schedule of attention with priority service for over 65 years.

Collection systems may be established in the establishment, staggered to avoid crowds inside the premises or their access and a preferential home delivery system for certain groups.

In the case of street markets , the usual number of stalls will be limited to one third to guarantee the maintenance of the social distance of two meters.

The shopping centres and malls will open with a maximum capacity of 30% of its common areas and 40% in each of the commercial establishments.

Gathering of customers in common areas will not be allowed except for transit between establishments. Recreational areas such as playgrounds, toy libraries or rest areas should be closed.

Hospitality, restoration and hotels

Hotel and restaurant establishments for consumption on the premises may reopen to the public, except for nightclubs and nightlife bars, provided they do not exceed 40% of their capacity .

Consumption within the premises can only be done sitting at a table or groupings of tables and, preferably, by prior reservation. Self-service at the bar by the customer will not be accepted.

The service on the outdoor terraces is maintained according to the order of application of phase 1. In all cases, maintaining the minimum distance of two metres.

The order also includes the reopening to the public of the common areas of hotels and tourist accommodation, provided that it does not exceed a third of its capacity.

Activities or group classes will have a maximum capacity of twenty people, avoiding the exchange of objects, preferably outdoors and respecting the minimum safety distance between all the participants. Otherwise, masks must be used. In addition, the corresponding disinfection of objects and material used will be maintained.

Active tourism and nature activities can be carried out for groups of up to twenty people.

Visits to nursing homes

Autonomous communities and autonomous cities may allow visits to residents of sheltered housing, residential centers for people with disabilities and residential centres for the elderly in their territorial area.

In the case of nursing homes , these visits will preferably be made in exceptional cases, such as the end of life or the relief of dementure of a resident.

These visits may not be carried out in centres where there are confirmed cases of COVID-19, or in which a resident is in a quarantine period.


In the libraries, it will be possible to make consultations in the room as long as it does not exceed a third of the authorised capacity and use the computers intended for the users. However, children’s rooms and open access collections will remain closed.

The exhibition halls, monuments and cultural facilities may open as long as a third of the authorized capacity is not exceeded and measures are taken to control the control of the agglomerations.

All cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and similar spaces may resume their activity as long as they have pre-assigned seats and do not exceed a third of the authorised capacity.

The provision of complementary services, such as a store, cafeteria or the like, is allowed. No cloakroom or left luggage service will be provided.

Professional sport

The athletes integrated into clubs participating in non-professional leagues will be able to carry out basic training, individually and in compliance with the corresponding prevention and hygiene measures, developed in the training centres available to the clubs or in other types of facilities that are are open to the public.

The sports clubs or professional sports Corporations can develop training total character complying with the relevant preventive measures and hygiene with up to 14 people.

The training tasks will be carried out whenever possible in turns, avoiding exceeding 50% of the facility’s capacity for athletes. The media may not attend.

The Professional Leagues competition will resume without a public and behind closed doors, as long as the evolution of the health situation allows it. The media will be able to access and broadcast the competitions.

Covered sports facilities may be reopened. The sports activity will require a prior appointment, time shifts will be organized and the thirty percent capacity limit will be respected and the changing rooms may be used.

Business or scientific conferences, meetings and conferences

Conferences, meetings, business meetings and conferences will be allowed in congress halls, conference rooms, multipurpose rooms and other similar establishments and facilities without exceeding 50 attendees and maintaining a minimum distance of two metres or with security equipment.

The non-face-to-face participation of those who can provide their activity remotely will be encouraged.

The residences, buildings, centres and facilities , public or private, aimed at providing accommodation and catering services and catering to scientific, technical and research may resume. With guarantees of cleaning and disinfection included in the order.

Phase 0 and Phase 1

The Order also includes modifications to previous orders in order to relax certain restrictions on those territorial units that are in Phase 0 and Phase 1.

For those territorial units that are in Phase 0, the conditions are established for the opening to the public of certain shops and services, and the opening of files, as well as for the practice of professional and federated sport under the same conditions as Phase 1.

Thus, in Phase 1 (and phase 0), the opening of commercial premises and similar services is allowed with a useful exhibition and sales area of ​​less than or equal to 400 square meters. In establishments with a higher useful surface, it is established that the space that is reopened to the public can be limited by adjusting to this threshold.

The commercial or promotional activities should be accompanied by measures to ensure that no agglomerations hinder maintaining the safety distance or compliance with capacity limits are generated.

In addition, in Phase 1 hunting and sport and recreational fishing are allowed as long as the safety distance and hygiene and prevention measures are respected.



May 20

? COMPULSORY** use of MASKS in Spain from TOMORROW!!!; Thursday 21st May ?

** “The use of a mask will be mandatory in the public highway (anywhere outside), in outdoor spaces and in any closed space for public use or that is open to the public, always when it is NOT POSSIBLE to maintain an interpersonal safety distance of at least two metres”.
(Quoted from BOE)

➡️ Use of masks will be compulsory, for the population over the age of 6 years old, from tomorrow in the following places:

“The use of a mask will be mandatory in the public highway (anywhere outside), in outdoor spaces and in any closed space for public use or that is open to the public, always when it is not possible to maintain an interpersonal safety distance of at least two metres”.
(Quoted from BOE)

“For the purposes of the provisions of this order, it will be understood that the obligation referred to in the previous section through the use of any type of mask, preferably hygienic or surgical, covering the nose and mouth”
(Quoted from BOE)

➡️ There are some exceptions:

“The obligation contained in the previous paragraph will not be enforceable in the following situations:

a) People who present some type of respiratory difficulty or problem that can be seen aggravated by the use of a mask.

b) Those whom, the use of a mask is contraindicated for reasons of duly justified health, or that due to their disability or dependency present behavioural changes that make their use unfeasible.

c) Development of activities in which, by their very nature, the use of the mask is incompatible.

d) For other justified reasons or necessary situation.”
(Quoted from BOE)

In force from tomorrow until end of State of Alarm & it’s possible extensions.

Edit: not obligatory when consuming food/drink (e.g. in bars/restaurants) 🙂

? Read full BOE, released today, here:

Information we translated from Ministry of Health a few weeks ago about correct use of masks: ?



May 10

Starting this Monday, May 11, the health area of the Marina Alta-in which Xàbia is framed-enters phase I of the Plan for the gradual Transition to a New Normality
?? This means greater freedom of personal movement and the reboot of socialization and economic activity
– You can recover social contact in reduced groups (up to 10 people) ? ? ? ?
– Reopen retail ?️????
– Reopen the hotel terraces at 50 %
– Mobility is allowed inside the health area (the Alta Navy)
– Moving to the second residence is allowed whenever you are in the same region ?
– Reopen-with restrictions-places of worship ?
– Allowed-with restrictions-wake and burials ⚰️

???? The success of this phase, rather than police control, needs everyone’s involvement. Let’s use this freedom with responsibility and common sense. ?? Please respect distances, use masks in closed places or where there are more concentration of people, keep hand hygiene and carry your identity papers daily because checks will be done that the people in Xàbia effectively reside in the Marina Alta.
Here we answer the most frequent doubts.
** This information is updated on Sunday May 10 and could change if there are any new instructions or regulations in the next few hours

The slots are maintained for ages ONLY for walks or the performance of outdoor sport in order to avoid agglomerations and respect preferential schedules for seniors and other risk profiles
6-10 hours: over 14 years old
10-12 hours: over 70 years old
12 p.m. under 14 years old
19 p.m. over 70 years old
20 p.m. over 14 years old
** These schedules could change if the autonomous government considers it
For shopping, family visits, car circulating, making consuming on hotel terraces or appointments in hairdressers etc… the schedule is free.

MOBILITY: Free in the 33 municipalities of the Marina Alta. To travel outside you have to have justified cause for health, work, assistance to older or dependents or force majeure.
– Vehicles up to 9 places: You can travel as many people as places have the vehicle, provided they all reside in the same home. In this case, the use of a mask will not be necessary. ** When not all live in the same home, two people can be moved for each row of seats, provided they wear mask and respect the maximum distance between the occupants.
-Motorcycles, mopeds and two-seater vehicles can travel two people whenever they wear integral helmet with visor, or wear mask or residing in the same home.
– Trucks, vans, or others, will be able to travel at most two people, provided that their occupants wear masks and keep as much distance as possible.

– On the bus it is mandatory to wear mask and keep as far as possible
– In the taxi you can move two people for each additional row of seats compared to the driver’s (3 if they all live in the same home)

– ♀️ Active and nature tourism activities are allowed within the health area
-☺️The beaches are still closed (you can’t sunbathe or bathe)
– Hunting or sports fishing is not allowed
– Water sport is permitted within the time slot marked for our community (from 6 to 10 p.m. and from 20 p.m. to 23 p.m.). Always at the individual level and keeping distance and hygienic measures.
** We open the whole coast to sports such as surfing, paddlesurf, sailing, kayaking… Except for the swimming in open waters that is still bounded on the beach de la Grava (only balized) to facilitate control of the bathing ban in beaches by the security forces.
– Nautical navigation is also allowed to people who have their home in the Alta Navy with a maximum of 10 people on board. In any case, if they are not coliving, only 50 % of the authorized capacity on the certificate of the vessel may be able
– Nautical bikes and boats or recreational ships may be rented by people residing in the Marina Alta.
* Nautical bikes and recreational boats or ships shall not be able to move more than 12 miles from the port or mooring installation from which navigation begins.
More info at