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Personal Security

On November 15th there has been a meeting of all NHW Coördinators of Jávea. The meeting was attended by Mr. Romeral of the Jávea Guardia Civil. He listed some personal security points that partly may be known, partly could be new. As it is always better to be warned one time too many than not enough I thought I’d sent you his remarks just in case:

  • Never be aggressive with an intruder they may have a knife or gun.
  • Never leave windows open on tilt, burglars have a technique to open them.
  • Thieves know that people leave spare house keys hidden in the garden and will search for them.
  • Don’t advertise your absence on Social media, thieves monitor it searching for absent owners.
  • When you go away leave some washing on the line, leave a light on or other indication to give the impression that house is occupied.
  • Photograph jewellery and other such valuables, useful for identification if police recover items.
  • Drones flying over your house or in urban areas are likely to be illegal – phone the Guardia*.
  • Reputable Utility companies phone ahead for appointments. NEVER allow “Gas Men” to enter your garden or house. Call the Guardia*.
  • Never leave an unknown visitor at the door while you fetch something.
  • They could seize the opportunity to grab valuables or keys.
  • Best to hire legal workers from a company, not workers who solicit work at your door.
  • Signs on gate pillars or on walls or pavement, they are blurred on attached but if you see such signs – call Guardia*
  • Deter opportunistic thieves with window bars, strong doors, lights and cameras.
  • Suspicious people and vehicles- Call Guardia, with as much description as possible including car registration number.
  • Avoid young women asking directions, giving you a hug, fainting in the street – you could lose your watch or wallet and they will have male back up a few steps away.
  • Ladies- handbags best on a strap and held in front of your body and especially at night walk away from roadside to avoid motor bike bag snatchers.
  • Squatters in houses are a growing problem and once established may lead to more squatters, also can be a “base” for thieves. Report to Guardia as soon as possible.

*The Javea Guardia encourage you to phone them on 96 579 1085 for an urgent security issue. Many of them speak some English. Perhaps leave a note of what you want to say in Spanish by the phone, using Google Translate to prepare your words, if necessary.


Also in the same meeting Carl Barclay spoke about security devices. Without wanting to advertise his shop in particular he had some useful tips as well:

Cameras and alarms are cheaper and better now alarms are available that use wi-fi to connect to your phone and notify you, therefore having no monthly monitoring fees.

If the barrel of your door locks protrude more than 3 millimetres a thief can break the barrel with pliers or a hammer and access your property. A more secure barrel costs around €45, is easy to replace and will make your lock far more secure.

Window and sliding door locks are cheap and easy to fit yourself. Magneto Lock in particular only needs one hole drilled to the window frame to give more security.

Many more products at Carl Barclay Locksmith shop Carretera Cabo La Nao 116 next to Sabadell Bank or contact him for a free security evaluation of your property at or Whatsapp or telephone on 659 853 645


And finally two more safety devices that are available and that some of you might be interested to look into:

Personal Alarms

The Red Cross operate a service, for which they charge, for people with a variety of disabilities or who are just old, by which they can press a button on a bracelet and summon help. They also run other helpful services. More details are available by calling 678 501 586 (a FreePhone call).

Javea Social Services issue free alarm bracelets. To obtain one you have to make an appointment through the office at the entrance of the Social Services building which is located at the west end of the Plaza de Constitucion (the Thursday Market Square).