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Xylella Virus

Dear Members,
Further to my earlier note on the Xylella virus, here is an update on the situation and the necesary action you must take, if you receive a letter from the Generalitat Valenciana advising you that have infected trees, plants etc, or, are within a 100 metre radius of a suspected, or actual, outbreak of this virus.
1) This virus can affect other species not just almond trees
2) There will be two forms included with the letter and both forms must be completed and returned to the GV within 10 days ( not 14 days ) of your signing to acknowledge receipt of the form. Please note if the house is in joint names you will receive two separate sets of forms and each owner must complete and sign their respective form.  
3) The first form gives authorisation for technicians to enter the property for the purpose of inspection and possible treatment.
4) The second form gives authorisation for the destruction of trees, plants where they decide that is the only course of action as there is no cure other than destruction.
5) The GV is providing this service FREE OF CHARGE. 
This outbreak is being treated very seriously hence, if the forms once received, are not returned within the 10 days of receipt duly signed then the fines can go as high as 3,000,000 EUR.
This note will be posted on the Montgo Residents website
If you have any questions or need clarification on the letter and/or forms please, if received, please consult your lawyer/gestor as the letters are only in Spanish.   
Kind regards
Ray Bigger
President APMJ